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Accountability And Its Importance For Productivity


How can accountability affect your productivity? Well, if you ask Cris, it’s very essential for staying on track. So much so that she’s in not one, not two, but FIVE accountability groups!

It may work for you, too, as studies show that people who tell others a goal that they need to reach are much more likely to accomplish it. And before you ask, no your dog or your cat cannot be your accountability partner. Sorry, it has to be a person.

Deb mentions that there will be times when you slack off a little bit, which is normal, so an accountability partner can help you stay honest and get back on track.

Cris benefits from her various accountability groups in different ways. They all keep her accountable in different areas, such as business, finances, or even day-to-day activities. An added benefit is that she can take advantage of each group member’s expertise.

When it comes to keeping track of her goals, Cris keeps it old-fashioned by using pen and paper, but if she had to choose one tech tool it would be Asana. And, if you didn’t know, Asana shows you a pretty unicorn when you complete all your tasks (that may or may not be why it’s Cris’ favorite).

Deb’s favorite tech tools to track your goals

  1. Basecamp keeps everyone on your team updated in real time. You’ll always know what someone is working on and you can even talk to them through the platform. Don’t worry, solopreneurs. You don’t need to have a team to use Basecamp to stay on top of your tasks and projects.

  2. Evernote now has a task management feature with a reminder that you can load up with action steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.You can also set reminders so that you don’t forget and you can also assign a task to another person. So instead of having a meeting, you can use that time to work on your other priorities.

  3. is a task management app that also allows you to assign tasks to other people in addition to a calendar. It also has a feature called the Moment. shows you all your tasks so you can “take a moment” to plan and prioritize each to-do.

What’s the difference between task management and project management?

By the way, what’s the difference between task management and project management? Task management doesn’t require as many features since the tasks are usually isolated and not connected so it could be as simple as a checklist.

Project management tools tend to have more features as projects may involve other people including employees, freelancers, contractors, etc.

Task and project management apps try to grow with their audience by either adding features that you may need as your team gets larger or have plans that increase in efficiency.

Where can you find an accountability partner?

The first step is to ask yourself why you need accountability. Is it for work, laundry, remembering to start the dishwasher before bed? Your goal will give you the first indication of where you should look.

Find people who are working on the same kind of things because it’s better when you know you aren’t the only one struggling.

There are also plenty of communities that are tailored to specific interests or goals so don’t be afraid to join some Facebook groups.

Another option is making your own group! Think about the people you see often at events or meetings and consider inviting them to chat once a week. Having people who have similar interests and ideas can be nice, but it could also be beneficial to have people who can share different perspectives.

Cris recalls creating study groups in college with people who she thought were smarter than her so also consider inviting people who you can learn from. Just remember to keep it simple and don’t make it harder than it has to be.

Look out for a Productivity Lovers Mastermind coming to you soon!


Top 3 benefits of having or being an accountability partner

  1. Community

Feeling alone while you’re having a hard time can be more harmful than you think so having someone who’s been there not only makes you feel seen, but it makes you feel better that you have a supportive person who can guide you. That way, you don’t have to do it alone.

  1. Focus

Cris has become much more intentional and strategic with her business and time since receiving accountability from other people. She now is able to spend more time on essential big projects instead of being distracted by more menial tasks.

  1. Knowledge

As Cris said, we don’t know what we don’t know so when there are other people around you who are talking about important topics, you gain knowledge you didn’t even know you needed! That’s the great thing about community.

3 things to look for when choosing an accountability partner or group

  1. Make sure you like the person/people and that the relationship is a good fit.

  2. Ensure that you have the capacity to participate in this type of partnership.

  3. Determine if the interaction is something you would enjoy on a regular basis.

Also consider the kind energy that other people will bring to the group. If you thrive more with people who have big personalities, don’t go ask your best friend who is an introvert.

Remember, keep it simple.