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Episode #15 – To Meet or Not To Meet

Productivity Lovers
Productivity Lovers
Episode #15 - To Meet or Not To Meet

In today’s episode, we discuss the necessity of meetings. Cris and Deb agree that not all meetings are particularly necessary and spending time in a meeting that’s not relevant to you when you could be doing something else is a sure-fire way to get nothing done. As the pandemic rumbles on and some of us are nearing our century Zoom call, we wanted to share some tips on how to maximize the productivity of a meeting.

Discussion Points:

  • What put Deb in a ‘poopy mood’
  • Cris’ days as the ‘meeting patrol’
  • Best practices for a productive meeting
  • How to get out of a meeting you don’t need to be in
  • Apps that make meetings a little easier
  • Who hoards their meeting notes?



Robert’s Rules of Order


Evernote (Deb’s referral link)

Adobe Scan


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