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Episode #9 – How Do You Feel About Rules?

Productivity Lovers
Productivity Lovers
Episode #9 - How Do You Feel About Rules?

Generally speaking, if you don’t mind us saying it … rules RULE! We love rules especially when they help us manage our time better. But we also know that if they are too restrictive, they can get in the way of productivity. 

In this episode, we elaborate and build on a previous episode where we discussed the very strict rules of the Pomodoro time management method, and chat about a few of the rules that exist in the productivity field and the pros and cons of each.

(P.S. Yes, those are renovation sounds from Deb’s kitchen project that you’re hearing in the background!)

Discussion Points:

  • The benefits of rules and how they can help
  • Five popular productivity rules
    1. Rule of Three
    2. OHIO
    3. The 2-Minute Rule
    4. The Pairing Rule
    5. “End of the Work Day” Rule