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Episode #5 – Do You Pomodoro?

Productivity Lovers
Productivity Lovers
Episode #5 - Do You Pomodoro?

Do you find yourself wishing you could be more productive but not sure where to start? Cris Sgrott and Deb Lee, your podcast productivity gurus,  jump into today’s discussion about the Pomodoro Time Management Technique. They share some thoughts on the benefits that they have personally experienced while working in this particular way. Cris and Deb have each used this technique and found it valuable – even though they both worked with a modified version to suit their lifestyle – just like you should if you need to. They chat about coffee, naps, and coffee-naps… Who knew those existed, right? But they do – and they could be an amazing trick up your productivity sleeve.

Be in the know and become better at organizing your life by learning from the best in this episode of Productivity Lovers.

Discussion Points:

  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • Alternatives on the technique
  • Use break as Reflection time
  • Taking Naps during the workday
  • Coffee Naps
  • Pzizz
  • Pomodoro time-blocks
  • How to get started with the Pomodoro technique