Episode #8 – Task Management Apps To Get Stuff Done!

Today we get into the nitty-gritty details of a few of our favorite task management apps. We both share a great fondness for writing down things that we need to remember.

But having a digital version of “writing things down” that also includes a reminder when that task is due … well, THAT is just a Productivity Lover’s dream!

We chat about all the different apps we’ve used over the years and why we have stuck to some and why others just didn’t work. We also share some of the features we like so that you make an informed choice when choosing your next task management app.

To get the links to every app we discussed in today’s episode, CLICK HERE or scroll down for the link.

Discussion Points:

  • Cris and Deb’s thoughts on apps
  • Which one’s better for task management: Paper or Tech?
  • 11+ productivity and task management apps to get stuff done
  • The Asana Unicorn