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Episode #7 – Managing Life Transitions

Productivity Lovers
Productivity Lovers
Episode #7 - Managing Life Transitions

Both Deb and Cris are in the middle of two different but equally tough life transitions. Deb is dealing with her home renovation and Cris is figuring out the intricacies of moving into a house with her new partner and children … situations that are proving to be just as stressful and mentally draining for these two productivity lovers as it is for the average person. Arguably they may be struggling more, thanks to their strong desire to have everything in order.

Cris and Deb share how they have each been navigating this time of transition — sometimes more successfully than other times. Today’s episode acknowledges that change is easy to underestimate and can easily catch you off-guard. But it’s important to find your way back to some semblance of a routine as soon as possible to ensure your sanity survives the process.

(And, yes, Deb really does wash apples and Cris has been remembering to use her deodorant!)

Discussion Points:

  • Updates on Cris and Deb’s life changes
  • Can you really be productive during times of change?
  • 7 simple ways to manage moments of transition and change
  • 1 thing to keep in mind when things feel overwhelming