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Home » Podcast » Episode #6 – Book Club: “Finish” by Jon Acuff

Episode #6 – Book Club: “Finish” by Jon Acuff

Productivity Lovers
Productivity Lovers
Episode #6 - Book Club: “Finish” by Jon Acuff

Cris Sgrott and Deb Lee are your Productivity Lovers. You may have heard Cris rave about the book “Finish” by Jon Acuff in a previous episode.

In today’s episode, Cris shares how she came across the book and why she found it to be such an impressive read. Of course, Deb has been similarly impressed by this read and they decided to spend an entire episode of the podcast on what they each took away as learnings from the book.

The author makes some great suggestions in the book and Deb and Cris share how they have been able to actually implement some of these suggestions.

This book emphasizes the idea of ensuring that you prioritize AND FINISH things that are important to you and avoid the things in your life that aren’t. This – along with not letting perfectionism hold you back from making progress are some of the great topics Cris and Deb tackle. 

Discussion Points:

  • How Cris came across the Book “Finish”
  • Introducing the author Jon Acuff
  • The premise of “Finish”
  • The villain that stops you from finishing projects and how to stop it
  • 3 tips from the book that will help you finish