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Episode #0 – She Said Yes!

Productivity Lovers
Productivity Lovers
Episode #0 - She Said Yes!

In this very first episode of Productivity Lovers, your hosts, professional organizer, Cris Sgrott and Digital Productivity Coach, Deb Lee introduce themselves, how they met, and the “why” behind this podcast. They are both passionate about helping people get organized and be more productive. They, after working together on another project, realized that they have a wealth of knowledge that needs to be shared. 

They give us a general overview of the direction they plan on taking with the podcast in upcoming episodes. The duo allude to having some interesting guests lined up and also share details about the webinar that sparked the whole idea behind this podcast. There is some great content to look forward to along with interesting conversations around productivity, time management, and tech tools in the coming weeks! 

Discussion Points:

  • How Deb and Cris met
  • The webinar that started it all (and link to watch)
  • Upcoming topics in the podcast