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Episode #6 - Book Club: “Finish” by Jon Acuff
  • Episode #6 - Book Club: “Finish” by Jon Acuff

    Episode #6 - Book Club: “Finish” by Jon Acuff

    Jun 16, 2021 •

    Cris Sgrott and Deb Lee are your Productivity Lovers. You may have heard Cris rave about the book “Finish” by Jon Acuff in a previous episode. In today’s episode, Cris shares how she came across the book and why she found it to be such an impressive read. Of course,…

  • Episode #5 - Do You Pomodoro?

    Episode #5 - Do You Pomodoro?

    Jun 9, 2021 •

    Do you find yourself wishing you could be more productive but not sure where to start? Cris Sgrott and Deb Lee, your podcast productivity gurus,  jump into today’s discussion about the Pomodoro Time Management Technique. They share some thoughts on the benefits that they have personally experienced while working in…

  • Episode #0 - She Said Yes!

    Episode #0 - She Said Yes!

    Apr 24, 2021 •

    In this very first episode of Productivity Lovers, your hosts, professional organizer, Cris Sgrott and Digital Productivity Coach, Deb Lee introduce themselves, how they met, and the “why” behind this podcast. They are both passionate about helping people get organized and be more productive. They, after working together on another…

  • Episode #10 - Does It Spark Joy?

    Episode #10 - Does It Spark Joy?

    Sep 27, 2021 •

    In this latest episode, we share our thoughts on the KonMari method of organizing. This is the method that was conceptualized by Marie Kondo — the now famous, Japanese organizing queen. She has gained much of her popularity, thanks to two best-selling books and starring in the Netflix reality series, “Tidying Up…

  • Episode #9A - Mission Impossible: Give Up Your Phone for One Day (Bonus Episode)

    Episode #9A - Mission Impossible: Give Up Your Phone for One Day (Bonus Episode)

    Sep 13, 2021 •

    Today we take on device addiction. We all have some level of addiction to our phones especially people like us who use our phones to help us be more productive. We delve a little deeper into some of the reasons why reliance on our devices has become a problem. And…